Diana Krall – Only The Lonely Lyrics

Each place I go only the lonely go Some little small cafe The songs I know only the lonely know Each melody recalls a love that used to be The dreams I dream only the lonely dream Of lips as warm as May That hopeless scheme only the lonely scheme That soon somewhere you’ll find […]

David Crosby – Lady Of The Harbor Lyrics

Our lady of the harbor Lady of the light An immigrant like all Who came before She says give me your homeless Your landless and your poor Come see what we believe Behind this open door That all are created equal And given half a chance They can work out all their differences Their distance […]

The Trews – I Feel The Rain Lyrics

I thought this was Crazy enough to work You leave and prove me wrong I thought this was and would be enough but you change and now you’re not moving I feel the rain how is it that time don’t fail to tell you what is real I feel the rain you don’t have to […]

Wise Guys – Ein Herz Und Eine Seele Lyrics

Wir beide war’n ein Fels in Sturm und schwerer Brandung, flogen hoch hinaus – um so hrter war die Landung, wie geht sowas ab? Erst der Himmel voller Geigen, jetzt kalte Arroganz und eisiges Schweigen. Wir werden mal befreundet sein, davon erzhl’ ich schon seit fast zwei Jahren – wer’s glaubt, wird selig. Das, was […]

Kat Edmonson – Long Way Home Lyrics

I’ll take the long way home tonight Please don’t wake up I’ll be alright Going about my usual day, I had no idea Cupid and friends had other plans for me, now i see And so, before I call it a day I’m making stops along the way Well I’ll be laughing with the moon […]

Kelly Clarkson – Don’t Be A Girl About It Lyrics

Any chance you get to play the warn out pity card Any opportunity to push my buttons hard It’s getting old, your “poor me” thoughts Believe me, boy, when I say “so what” This broken record thing has got to stop I’m losing interest in your pillow talk And oh it’s not looking good And […]

Crosby & Nash – Deja Vu Lyrics

One Two Three Four If I had ever been here before I would probably know just what to do Don’t you? If I had ever been here before on another time around the wheel I would probably know just how to deal With all of you And I feel Like I’ve been here before Feel […]

Land Of Talk – Swift Coin Lyrics

Go in lightly Load in nightly Said it so loud Every mother lies In man Gently Every mother eye’d a better place For To Put in half a heart Every mother eye’d a better place For To Put in half a heart

Atomic Kitten – (i Wanna Be) Like Other Girls Lyrics

I wanna be like other girls I wanna see what other girls see Just to be free like other girls GET TO BE Nanana,na.na.na,nanana,na.na.na,nanana,na.na.na, wooooo To wear my old jeans To eat a whole cake Feel the sun on my feet Be quiet, be crazy Be anything I want to be Dance around in my […]