Conjunto Atardecer – Creo Que Algo Me Ocultas Lyrics

Disclpame Pero es que no puedo evitar sentirme as No andado bien No quiero terminar pensando mal de ti Muchas veces me lo has dicho que me amas… Y eso me ha quedado claro Sabes bien que te has ganado mi confianza Y eso para m es sagrado Es por eso que quisiera que hablemos […]

Confide – Sooner Or Later Lyrics

I see myself in front of you Time and time again I hope when the time comes That you will let me in I would take back all the time spent Without you ’cause i’d be alone forever Or we could be together Take back all the time spent Without you ’cause i’d be alone […]

E-type – Angles Crying Lyrics

Yeah hey& Come follow me I’ve got all systems go nothing standing in my way I should be far down the road but I’m not Something’s holding me back like a wild boar attack and I’ve got you by my side but your not Do you remember when we thought there was no end a […]

Placebo – Hang On To Your Iq Lyrics

Chinese masseuse, comes between us Talks in haiku’s, plastic Venus. Got a head rush, in her pocket Two rubbers two lubes, and a silver rocket [Chorus] Hang on, hang on To your IQ, to your id Hang on, hang on To your IQ, to your id I’m lonely Every morning, my eyes will open wide […]

Montgomery Gentry – Hey Country Lyrics

Shotguns, halter tops A Fire bird from a chop shop A six pack of ice cold bud Screaming at the cop Hey, need another cold one Can’t ya see, can’t ya see What that woman been doing to me Well, that’s Jay in the backseat Marshall tucker singing on the CD He’s a hick, hey […]

Arcade Fire – William Pierce Lyrics

William Pierce Butler, my little brother I know I treat you bad, I know I’m like our dad When I get scared it’s in the air William Pierce come here, I know I’m insincere When I am with my friends, love breaks it never ends I’ll love you when you’re trapped in sin and doubt […]

Little Big Town – Vapor Lyrics

Sitting by the bedside Held his hand and kissed his face Then he closed his eyes And I watched him slip away Seems like only yesterday He was young as I am now So now the beat of the past Yeah time is turning fast I wanna live I wanna love Like one more day […]

Submersed – In Due Time Lyrics

Speak your mind I just closed Off my insides Following, taking me Where you’re leading I’ve come to see This is me What I need’s In front of me Never to To be free Free from what you bring Why do I follow Letting you in front of me To steal tomorrow, morrow Yeah Free […]

The Lonely Forest – Tunnels Lyrics

Up, down, tunnels underground It’s your to fight off Up, down, tunnels underground Its your fight off You dig lies to get around Obvious contradictions, childish self-affliction Up down tunnels underground Now it’s yours to fight off Up, down, tunnels underground He was a spy lurking around In an attempt to save you I was […]